Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Poor Baby Jackson

This quilt is free-motion thread painted,  designed by me.  Jackson is my cat.  I adopted him from a local vet.  He was found very ill. He had lost weight, fur and he had open wounds with maggots. ( I know gross!)  He had flees,  really ruff shape.They  called him "Poor Baby Jackson".  Poor Baby cause of the shape he was in. Jackson is the last name of the woman that brought him into the vet clinic.  We just call him Jackson, he is not a poor baby but a spoiled fat and happy cat.

A new start to blogging.

I have abandoned my  I can get to dashboard but it then says I have no blog.  I have questioned this, received answers tried to resolve it but in the end,  I am frustrated and have chosen to start over.  Maybe be a bit better at keeping up with news and quilts.  

So this is a new start…….

Are you a litterbug or loser?

I entered this quilt in the National Quilt Associations "Go Green Challenge".  I walk everyday at the Buffalo Bill Dam,  as I walk I have picked up trash as well as items like these, some worthless but some I have wondered about.  I caged the objects behind vegetable netting, like they put say avocados in at the grocery store.  quilting this quilt was difficult,  with the objects in cased it did not lay flat enough for me to quilt it well.    Next time you leave anything behind ask yourself this…. are you a litterbug or just a loser, and really is there a difference?  Be kind to our earth if you carry it in, carry it out.