Thursday, April 28, 2016

Artist Reception for The Textile Artists of the Greater Yellowstone at HMWF

This is a photo taken by Claire Cella a staff member of the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation. Those 2 beautiful children are my grandkids.   It was taken at the Artist Reception for Textile Artists of the Greater Yellowstone and honored guest Naoko Yoshimura Ito.  Ms Ito was interned with her family as a teenager. Her quilt expresses a touching story about the time she spent at Heart Mtn, but also of the "Letting Go" of the hurt and pain that many Japanese Americans felt being inprisoned without trial by a country they loved and called home.  

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Kodiak Griz

This is another shot from our trip to Denali National Park, Alaska.  Think maybe I should be putting these on at the time of the visit but it is fun to re-visit these photos.  This was taken very far away and he still looks huge!

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Last summer on our annual trip to visit John and Emily.  We went to the  Denali National Park,  we took a small plane up to see the Mountain formerly known as Mt McKinley and  now known as Denali.
Most days visitors are unable to view the mountain because of cloud cover.  We wanted to make sure we saw it, and it was breathtaking!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Doghouse

When we started planning out little cabin in Crandall.  I designed the cabin much different than Russ did.  I planned the bath to be on one side of the cabin,  Russ chose the center.  YES,  he chose the bathroom to be in the center of the cabin! Another huge difference in the planning was I wanted it set away from all the trees,  Russ put it so near trees that we had to trim huge branches to put the porch roof on. ( not a single  part of my plan was implemented) OK, that said,  because of these choices I have always called it the Doghouse.
Our dogs love going to the cabin so not all bad.  I did have to tell that story to tell you why Ruger is the photo I chose for this weeks blog.  I want to fill that little "doghouse" with thread painted dogs.  Our dogs!  And Ruger is my next thread painting for the cabin.