Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fire and Fences and Hanging by a Thread

Awesome news,  Fire and Fences and Hanging by a Thread have been juried into "Abstracting the West" a show at the Wyoming Territorial Prison.
The show is from June 30th until I think end of September.  

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fire and Fences

 This is the close-up.  Almost all of the items with the exception of the yarn and threads are pieces found on our property in Crandall Wyoming.  Homes burnt to the ground in the 1988 Yellowstone Fires.
I really like this piece.  Not my usual fiber art. I like "real".  I also like thread painting.  I think the objects speak to me. As you can see from the previous piece, done  "inches" or as those are 1 1/2" inches,  I do like using little stuff and found objects in some of my pieces.     This is the 2nd piece I chose to enter in Abstracting the West,  a juried show.  

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hanging by a Thread

It looks like it floats, but it actually is hanging with fishing line.  I thank my friend Kathy Lichtendahl for photographing this piece.  I have entered it in a juried show, Abstracting the West.  If juried in, it will hang in the Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie Wyoming  pretty much all summer.  The only prison to have actually held Billy the Kid.  
 I should know this week if it is juried into this show.  
In making this piece I used many of my Dad's hat pins a few coins and other items he had in his nightstand.  The maps I cut up were also found at his home.   So,  although I have put a price on it, it is a hefty price, because I really do not want to sell it.  But if I do and get what I ask,  I think I can sell it without guilt.  
 I actually have another piece I have entered,  I will feature it next week.  So,  check back.