Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not in Wyoming!

This quilt was once a larger quilt, I did it for the Wyoming State Guild Challenge.  I cut it smaller and like it better.  The sand is actual sand.  I used puff paint and sprinkled sand on it before heating it with a heat gun.  The heat gun also melted the tulle that I used as  the sea foam.  The flip flops are 3 D made from fabric for the bottoms and clay for the tops.  Photographer, Kathy Lichtendahl took photos of this quilt for me.  I did submit it for a publication but it was not accepted.    

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rebtrue said...

This quilt had a very calming feeling. I am curious about what size it was before you resized it, and what it's size is now. Did resizing it change the placement of the key elements? Because I really like the current composition.