Monday, September 15, 2014

Tactile Challenge 2014

"Flowers at dusk"

This quilt is another thread painted quilt it measures 18" X 24".  I finished  this for the TAGY   Tactile Challenge. We chose 2 techniques last December and were to use those or 2 of our own choosing,  with one being a technique that we might have never used or are not comfortable using.  The two I chose in December were beading and appliqué. I did both of those, I still do not like beading.  I did choose another, I chose to do the binding with a flange, but this binding/flange is a bit different than most.  It is not separate from the binding, it is in fact the binding.  Finished this…  this was started about 8 years ago.  I find it interesting how my own techniques have changed.  Unfinished  this quilt was not totally thread painted,  it now is with the exception of the white flowers, they have some fabric showing through. I do not like how the bottom of the quilt looks, the grass is odd to me but, Good to have another unfinished project completely done!!

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