Friday, June 9, 2017

Another unfinished quilt…finished!!

I started this quilt I believe about 6-7years ago.  It was a Bible Study.  I enjoyed the study and really love having this quilt as a visual reminder not to forget my Bible studies.  I quilted this all those years ago,  and then decided to add crystal and jewels, unfortunately I used a glue to attach those items,  when I was finished, I hated the look.  So I removed them,  the glue would not come off, so it ended up unfinished.  I was going through a closet in my sewing room and uncovered it,  decided this was never going to be a gift,  I could add more flowers, more hearts, more leaves and stems, for me I  did not need to sew them down, and they would cover the glue.  Love the end result!!

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