Thursday, July 27, 2017


I try to keep up to date on my blog but recently I have been really distracted.  1st Russ's Truck had to have 3 injectors put in, 2  something was banging around in the wheel of my truck,  fearing it was the bearings we took that in to the shop.   #3,  we went to Crandall for less than 24 hours, our intention was to stay for 4 days but as things go we had to come back,  thank goodness I had left the water on in the pond,   I lost all my huge goldfish,  and now have a leak somewhere in the top area.  Last but not the least,  #4, I walked into our spare bedroom and the floor was soaked with water.  Our air conditioner is in our attic, the pump stopped working,  we do not use that room much and leave the door closed most of the time.  Who knows how long that was leaking, on my antique' quilts, my traditional quilts, prints, shoes, clothes.  Long enough for things to grow that nasty mold.  So,  we are lucky to have a great company locally that is cleaning up the wet, mold, and uck!

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