Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!
Finally the end of a very hard, emotional year.
I am looking forward to the promise of good things in 2016.  I do not make resolutions, but I do try to make some basic goals each year.  I can usually keep the goals  and I hope it makes me a better person.  So the list…….
  Blog blog blog,  I have let this go for way too long,  so my goal is to update here every week.
  I would like to create more of my  fiber art.     
  Be better at staying in touch with my family and friends.
  This might be silly but I do need to paint every room in our home.
 Last but not least,  have the official plans drawn up for out new home.
Seems like a do able list,  I think the hardest is paint this house!
The photo above is the view we will have from the front of our new home.  

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