Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Back to the fiber art this blogger loves!

This is one of 3 or a triad of quilts, meant to hang next to each other.   I thought I had photographed all 3 but could not find them.  I will share these again when I hang them on my wall.  I used a book called Fabled Flowers by Kumiko Sudo,  I made these blocks years ago and at that time was going to make a large bed quilt.  After giving it some thought I liked the idea of using the 9 blocks for 3 wall size quilts.  I am now binding them and soon a sleeve and label will be on the back.  These will hang in our new home,  our Crandall Home.  

Thursday, January 21, 2016

One year ago today!

This is a photo of my Dad and 2 of his Great Grandchildren,  my grandkids Olivia and Liam.  It seems like only yesterday somedays. Other days it seems like forever that we lost Dad.  I sure missed him this past Christmas. In the past 5 years I think he spent most here in Cody with us.  We loved having him here to celebrate with us. I have some great memories, those before he died and some good a few of us share after he passed.  

Miss you Daddy!!

Friday, January 15, 2016

I am Over the Moon!

 Meet Walter Ronnie Cunningham.  America's 2nd Civilian astronaut.  He was the Lunar Module pilot for Apollo 7.  He as well as Shine on Harvest Moon have been juried into the "Fly Me to the Moon" Exhibit. This fiber art exhibit is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Man's walk on the Moon.

Shine on Harvest Moon
is a song about lovers sitting under a willow tree.  The girl is frightened by the darkness so the boy sang to the harvest moon to shine on so she would stay.  I "carved" 
Sara and Foster into the tree.  Sara and Foster are our dogs, both have passed now, but they loved each other and us.  I thought it appropriate in my missing them to add them to a quilt that I had at the time, great hopes of it being juried into this exhibit.  I guess they are still watching over me, cause here we go... 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's time again for quilt retreat!!

Friends and Co Quilt Retreat January 2015
Today I will be going to the January 2016 Retreat.  Always a good time to just work on my own projects.  I have everything packed,  I packed several projects because I did not make any plans for any one thing to get done at this time.  Many of these ladies will not be there this year,  they will be missed and a few that did not make it to a Friends retreat in the past will be 1st time joiners.  Looking forward to a wonderful time with good friends.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!
Finally the end of a very hard, emotional year.
I am looking forward to the promise of good things in 2016.  I do not make resolutions, but I do try to make some basic goals each year.  I can usually keep the goals  and I hope it makes me a better person.  So the list…….
  Blog blog blog,  I have let this go for way too long,  so my goal is to update here every week.
  I would like to create more of my  fiber art.     
  Be better at staying in touch with my family and friends.
  This might be silly but I do need to paint every room in our home.
 Last but not least,  have the official plans drawn up for out new home.
Seems like a do able list,  I think the hardest is paint this house!
The photo above is the view we will have from the front of our new home.